Monday, 13 April 2015

36 Vayadhinile Music Review

Movie: 36 Vayadhinile

Cast: Jyothika,Rahman

Director: Rosshan Andrews

Music director: Santhosh Narayanan

1.Happy-Santhosh Narayanan

Awww! This opening track has Santhosh Narayanan's stamp all over it. With his quirky voice and equally quirky lyrics, this number really makes us feel 'happy' when listening to it. Though the jazz tone of the song has now been stereotyped in almost all Santhosh's songs, it will still appeal to his fans with its innovative arrangement.

2.Pogiren-Kalpana Raghavender

This soul-stirring number begins with mellowed piano notes. The first few lines set up the mood for the entire song which has inspirational lyrics throughout. Symphony is at its best while the mildly energetic beats hover along with the sweet voice of Kalpana Raghavender. Makes for a laidback listen!

3.Rasathi-Lalitha Vijayakumar

A hilarious number that would tickle your funny bones. This one enthralls us with its peppiness and foot-tapping rhythm. Blending violin, tabla and acoustic guitar into a single number is something that Santhosh Narayanan creates with inventiveness. Lalitha Vijayakumar's rendition is top class with her modulations standing out. Pick of the album!


This theme is grand in terms of its presentation and orchestration. It gives a sense of liveliness to the listeners.


A lilting theme that begins with scintillating piano notes, then moves on to some brilliant symphony construction. Painful and beautiful with violin section playing along the way.

6.Vidiyal Thedi-Instrumental

Beginning with dulcet guitar strums and blended with delightful symphony, this piece is a bliss to listen to.

7.Kanavugal Sumandhu-Instrumental

Another grand theme that begins in a mellowed note and ends in a blaring way.

8.Kanneer Mozhi-Instrumental

A beautiful attempt by Santhosh Narayanan in inducing an international feel with this magnificent theme.


36 Vayadhinile's soundtrack is one of Santhosh Narayanan's clever attempt in engaging symphonic orchestration. Feel-good soundtrack!

Rating: ***




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