Monday, 13 April 2015

Kanchana 2 Music Review

Movie: Kanchana 2

Cast: Raghava Lawrence,Taapsee

Director: Raghava Lawrence

Music director: Leon James,Sathya,SS Thaman,Ashwamithra

1.Sandi Muni-Haricharan

The album kickstarts with an energetic adrenalin pumping number that is essential to this horror movie. Beginning with a spiritual chant, this number has got no dull moment after that. Haricharan has sung it with such power that even the back up chorus don't seem of much importance. This number will scorch the screens given that it would be placed in the climax!

2.Vaaya Veera-Shakthisree Gopalan

A lilting romantic solo that will form as a dream song for each and every girl in the upcoming days. This simple number oozes with melody and it is such a blessing to listen to Shakthisree's lovable rendition. Her voice would literally sweep your feet off in this number. Leon James weaves an ordinary tune but makes it extraordinary with the arrangements and the interludes. The violin in the second interlude deserves a special mention. Sureshot winner!

3.Sillatta Pillatta-Jagadeesh Kumar

That mass number in every Lawrence movie is back! But this time the lyrics play a large part in this number. It speaks about the fear of ghosts for the lead character. While nothing is new in the number, one can just listen for the sake of its presence in the album.

4.Motta Paiya-Sooraj Santhosh,Chithra

As soon as the song begins, you would get to know that it is composed by Thaman. His trademark arrangement and digitalization of the male vocals prove his signature style. The recurrent rhythm and the interludes are easy on the ears. This song would appear as a passionate sequence between the  lead pair. Sooraj Santhosh and Chithra have done a commendable job.

5.Moda Moda-Master Sriram Roshan

It is not often you get to listen a complete song crooned by a kid. But this number is a refreshing one in terms of rendition by Master Sriram Roshan. The occasional eerie sounds send a chill through the spine and make this song the perfect one for a paranormal movie. A good attempt by composer Ashwamithra.


Though there are not much multi-composer movies in Kollywood, Kanchana-2 stands as an exception. Being a multi-composer movie, the music is commercially influenced and would work well once the visuals are out.

Rating: **3/4


Sandi Muni,Vaaya Veera

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