Saturday, 27 June 2015

Rajini Murugan Music Review

Movie: Rajini Murugan

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan,Keerthi Suresh,Soori

Director: Ponram

Music director: D.Imman

1.Rajini Murugan-Sivakarthikeyan

This highly energetic title track is sure to receive whistles from all around the theater. This is what we call as a theri mass number. With rollicking band music, trumpets, gunshots, applause sounds, lively chorus and quirky lyrics, this one is a chartbuster material. Sivakarthikeyan croons the number with an easygoing attitude which makes it enjoyable to listen. A special mention for the usage of Veena in the second interlude. Peppy and foot-tapping!

2.Un Mele Oru Kannu-Jithin Raj,Mahalakshmi Iyer

Another Paakatha Paakatha type of melodious duet with abundant amount of Imman's signature style. What works in this song is its simplicity. Be it the engaging rhythm or the exhilarating interludes, everything works in the favor of this romantic number. Jithin Raj is a promising find as he renders his lines with perfection. It is refreshing to listen to Mahalakshmi Iyer's much-loved voice after a long time. Beautiful composition!

3.Aavi Parakkum Teakadai-Badava Gopi,V.M.Mahalingam

The major attraction of this simple folk song is its lyrics which compares a tea shop with the girl whom the lead character loves. You can find various sounds like the tinkle of glass, mild EDM touch in the interlude, ebullient violin section in the second interlude, usage of 'Boost is the secret of my energy' catchphrase and other gimmicks that glorify the tea shop in the movie. The singers have done a fabulous job in their respective renditions.

4.Yennamma Ipadi Panreengalaema-D.Imman

Here comes the next viral song of this year. Zeroing in on the popular slogan 'Yennamma ipadi panreengalaema', Imman weaves a peppy tune that is sure to hit the bull's eye on the very first listen. The recurrent guitar strums and the easily accessible rhythm provide a dynamic atmosphere to the entire song. Innovative lyrics by  Yugabharathi has been rendered in a clean manner by Imman. Sivakarthikeyan's intro speech is sure to evoke guffaws in the theater. Sureshot winner!

5.Jigiru Jigiru-Diwakar,Kalpana Raghavendhar

The setting of the song indicates that it would be a rain dance song with some heavy steps. Though you can find that Imman has been composing such stereotyped songs for a long time, you can never deny the fact that these songs are the need of the hour. Despite the heard-before-feel, singers Diwakar and Kalpana stay hell-bent in delivering their parts flawlessly.

6.Yennamma Ipadi Panreengalaema (Imman Mix)-D.Imman,Aaryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam

This is Imman's way of introducing one of the popular folk numbers of the album to the pubs and dance floors. With overloaded rap, EDM and digitally sequenced sounds, this number feels out of place. The album could have fared well even without this one.


The trio Ponram-Imman-Sivakarthikeyan deliver yet another bombastic treat with this soundtrack. Strictly commercial!

Rating: ***


Rajini Murugan,Un Mele Oru Kannu,Yennamma Ipadi Panreengalaema