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Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Music Review

Movie: Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam

Cast: Balakrishna Kola,Wamiqa Gabbi

Director: Gitanjali Selvaraghavan

Music director: Amrit


The album opens with a pucca gaana track which has an heard-before tune. At places, it sounds like the latter part of Hey Baby from Raja Rani movie due to the quirky lyrics on marriage. Despite the bland tune arrangement and repetitive beats, Amrit's voice is fun to listen. It might appeal to the front-benchers.

2.Mora Saiyya (Yeno Mounam)-Vijay Prakash,Shakthisree Gopalan

This trance-like melody is enchanting right from the beginning. Vijay Prakash's versatile voice perfectly syncs with the clapping sounds and bell sounds. Then begins a divine chorus chanting 'Mora Saiyya' which has some earthy guitar strums in the background. Shakthisree Gopalan's crystal-clear voice is pleasant on the ears. The scintillating sitar section in the second interlude adds beauty to the entire number. Exquisite lovey-dovey duet!

3.Mokka Piece-Benny Dayal

A hard rock number is up next in the soundtrack. With an overload of EDM elements, this number is sure to go down well with the urban category of youngsters. Benny Dayal's gravelly voice sounds well while the rhythm pattern is foot-tapping. But soon the song becomes monotonous with no changeover in the beats or the tune.

4.Maalai Nerathu Mayakkama-Amrit

Dulcet guitar strums begin this dreamy number which is in par with the theme of the movie. An overdose of passion and romance is evident in this number, with Amrit crooning in an heavenly manner. The accompanying piano notes make this track even more soft and soul-stirring. This is one such song where you can plug on your headphones, hold hands with your partner and travel through a 04.41 minute musical sojourn!

5.Ennodu-Amrit,Mili Nair

Amrit composes a peppy romantic number that has a tune inspired from many Bollywood songs. Mild guitar strums and speedy beats make this track enjoyable to listen to. Mili Nair excels with her fruity voice while Amrit adds cheesiness with his part taking a changeover to folk rhythm. However, the entire aura of the song reminds of a few songs from the 90s period.

6.Two Opposites-Theme

As soon as this instrumental begins, it reminds you of the BGM scores from Selvaraghavan's Irandam Ulagam movie. The comparison is agreeable since this movie is directed by his wife. Comparison apart, this theme is perfectly composed by Amrit, concentrating on the romantic angle. Endearing on the first listen!

7.The Return Of Love-Theme

Yet another love theme which has the title track blended along with it. But it is very short to interpret it completely.


Amrit delivers a commendable album for his debut attempt. It is a mixed bag where every listener has something to choose.

Rating: ***


Mora Saiyya (Yeno Mounam),Maalai Nerathu Mayakkama,Two Opposites

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