Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mellisai Music Review

Movie: Mellisai

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Gayathrie

Director: Ranjit Jeyakodi

Music director: Sam C.S

1.Vellai Kanavu-Hariharan,Harini

When you see names like Hariharan and Harini, it is sure to be a melodious number. True to that, this track begins with a scintillating flute section interspersed with lively guitar strums. The tune arrangement is ultimately romantic and the evergreen voices of the lead singers are honey to the ears. The slight touch of Banjo in the background is an innovative thought by Sam C.S. Interesting interludes make this number even more mellifluous!

2.Lola-Maria Kavitha Thomas

This dark number has a whiff of A.R.Rahman to it. Maria Kavitha Thomas' nasal rendition with clear pronunciation and stretching the 'Lola' word makes the entire song an amazing listen. Eerie harmonics in the charanam, lead guitar strums and a lounge-like rhythm pattern are some of the unique touches which the composer provides. Haunting and addictive!

3.Parakkiren Naan-Maria Kavitha Thomas,Srinivas

Beginning on a waltzy note, this soft melody takes on a different route with the beautiful violin section accompanied by the tabla beats. Once again, Maria Kavitha Thomas strikes with her haunting voice while Srinivas renders with elan. Sam C.S engages a melange of sounds like strings, piano notes, pan flute and darbuka percussion. Though the song might take sometime to grow on the listener, it is an out-of-the-box attempt by the composer!

4.Mazhaikulle-Haricharan,Shreya Ghoshal

Did I hear Iddarammayilatho's violin section in the prelude? Inspired by it, a short and sweet violin solo welcomes you to this mellifluous number. As usual, Shreya Ghoshal enchants you with her honey-dipping voice while Haricharan's peppy vocals will surprise you. The warm guitar strums and dubstep beats take the number to greater heights.

5.Take Me Higher-JK,Maria Kavitha Thomas,Suchith Suresan

This is the English version of Parakkiren Naan. Yes, you might be surprised to find a full-fledged English track in a Tamil album. Despite being a fresh attempt, Sam C.S retains the tune and rhythm arrangement from the original version which brings down the entire song and makes it a tad boring.

6.Mellisai (Theme)-Instrumental

Chennai Orchestra take on the symphonic orchestration of this instrumental. A brilliant chord progression along with scintillating piano notes, eerie violin & chorus, mellowed female humming and powerful string section make this theme a thrilling one!

7.Lola (II)-Andrea Jeremiah

It is Andrea Jeremiah's show all the way in this version of the only racy number of the album. This version has a different pattern of hard rock guitar strums and house mix beats. Andrea's seductive voice oozes with sensuality.


This soundtrack has an extra dosage of melodies, staying true to the movie's title Mellisai. Each and every song is a different attempt by debut composer Sam C.S.

Rating: ***3/4


Vellai Kanavu,Lola,Parakkiren Naan,Mellisai (Theme)

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