Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tamasha Music Review

Movie: Tamasha

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor,Deepika Padukone

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Music director: A.R.Rahman

1.Matargashti-Mohit Chauhan

This carefree number spreads happiness and warmness all over. It's already been doing rounds in all the radio stations and the promo has received lakhs of views. A.R.Rahman once again ropes in the brilliant Mohit Chauhan to croon this fun-filled track. His voice oozes with playfulness and takes a changeover to semi-classical towards the end of the song. The foot-tapping rhythm, radiant chorus and harmonica sections are composed in Rahman's unique style. Sureshot chartbuster! Another Masakali!

2.Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai-Mika Singh,Nakash Aziz

Composed on the lines of Katiya Karun from Rockstar, Rahman forays into creating an out and out Punjabi track, replete with traditional Punjabi instruments, bhangra beats and violin solo in the second interlude. Mika Singh excels with his bright voice that takes the Punjabi flavor to a greater level with his semi-classical notes while Nakash Aziz aptly accompanies him. The crescendo towards the end of the song deserves a special applause. Thoroughly enjoyable!

3.Tum Saath Ho-Alka Yagnik,Arijit Singh

Beginning on lilting piano notes, this soulful melody is truly a bliss for its entire duration. Though the tune sounds familiar, Rahman's indulgence of the Hindustani raga Desh makes this number an heavenly one. The flute drops pep up the romantic aura of the track. And it is refreshing to listen to Alka Yagnik's evergreen voice after a long hiatus. Arijit Singh perfectly matches her with his lovely rendition. A divine duet!

4.Wat Wat Wat-Arijit Singh,Sashwat Singh

Rahman splurges out of his style of composition and delivers a purely local number that is sure to get instantly addictive and a hit with the masses. It has wackiness overloaded with a combo of Punjabi and Bhojpuri flavor. The Shehnai loops stand out while the peppy rhythm pattern will make you dance and the repetitive 'Wat Wat Wat' chant is compelling. Sashwat Singh is promising throughout and Arijit Singh breaks his stereotype by rendering this song. Another winner!

5.Chali Kahani-Sukhwinder Singh,Haricharan,Haripriya

It is very hard to categorize this number as it sounds like a symphony at times, semi-classical at a few places and melodious for a short span. Nevertheless, it is such an amazing number that we can only awe at Rahman's versatility. Powerful orchestration, usage of varied instruments and a storytelling tune pattern make this number unique from the rest. Sukhwinder Singh's powerful vocals is sure to stun the listeners while Haricharan makes an awesome debut with his Hindi pronunciation being flawless. Haripriya's childish rendition is cute. Rahman indulges his trademark Pan flute in the prelude and interludes which spells magic!

6.Safarnama-Lucky Ali

A fresh spiritual track is up next for the listeners. With exquisite guitar strums and mellowed rhythm, this number is perfect to listen while travelling on a highway. Though there is no changeover in the tune, the simplicity of it is sure to enchant you. Furthermore, there is Lucky Ali's ethereal vocals and the divine harmonica accompaniment to take you on a 04:11 minutes of musical sojourn.

7.Parade De La Bastille (Instrumental)-A.R.Rahman

As soon as this instrumental begins, one might think that it might be a Sufi outing with Rahman's devotional chant. But soon the track gets a sprinkle of European flavor all over with a melange of sounds welcoming you to a world of happiness. The lively chorus section from Matargashti is retained here. The assorted arrangement of instruments and brilliant chord progression makes this piece an engaging listen!

8.Wat Wat Wat (Vengeance Mix)-Arijit Singh,Sashwat Singh

The coolest party number of the season is here. It is unlike Rahman to remix numbers in his own album. But he takes a chance and proves that he too can weave magic by revamping his own composition. The screeching acoustic section, dubstep beats and the vocals of the lead singers will surely make this track a must-play in all pubs and bars.

9.Tu Koi Aur Hai-A.R.Rahman,Alma Ferovic,Arjun Chandy

The musical journey comes to an end with a dreamy number that is mandatory in all of Rahman's albums. He yields the megaphone in this one and his effervescent vocals pulls you into a trance. The additional vocals of Alma Ferovic and Arjun Chandy create an eerie atmosphere. Though experimental and might take a few listens to get used to, it is mesmerizing and soul-stirring.


A.R.Rahman-Imtiaz Ali-Irshad Kamil is a terrific combo, I say. It started with Rockstar, traveled through Highway, continues with Tamasha and it would never end. Rahman's urban outing is fresh, innovative and unlike the soundtracks of recent times!

Rating: ****1/2


Matargashti,Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai,Tum Saath Ho,Wat Wat Wat,Chali Kahani,Parade De La Bastille


  1. Nice review! I too called Matargashti the other Masakali in my review coincidentally :)

    1. Yes! Read your review and commented on it. :-)

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